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Webmaster's Resources
Design Info | Utilities | Shareware | Graphics | FrontPage Resources | Misc. Resources | Recommended Reading

WebReference - a virtual encyclopedia of information on every aspect of creating a web site.  News, how-to's, books, validation editors, etc.  A great resource.

How Do They Do That With HTML? - a source for hints/tips/and tricks for the brave and curious.

Web Diner Tutorials - another great beginner source.  Easy to understand tutorials on HTML and graphics.   Great links.

The Alertbox - a collection of Jakob Nielson's bi-weekly column on web design.  Interesting articles on the usability of certain functions within web site design.  A must read when planning and designing a new site.

All Things Web - a collection of articles on web design and functionality.  Good for beginners and intermediates.

Creating Killer Web Sites - a companion site to David Siegel's book by the same name.  He offers tutorials and information on how to do those things you see on other web sites - but can't figure out how they did it.

Desktop Publishing Links at About.com - links to scanning basics, graphics, and typography that are pertinent to web design as well as desktop publishing.

Designing with Grid-Based Approach - the most important and interesting facts web-developers should know about the grid-based approach.

Workz.com - links to some great articles on the whys and wherefores of marketing, ecommerce, and design on the 'Net. 

Guide to Web Style - information on everything from graphics to navigation, even includes suggestions on content.  By the respected Sun Microsystems.

Net Ratings - need some current figures to quote to the boss to justify your web expenditures?  Check out Net Ratings site for current usage statistics.  Recently partnered with the Neilsen company (of the TV Nielsen ratings).

Index DOT HTML - down and dirty basic information for each HTML tag.  Very handy feature is the Browser Support History feature which will help you determine which HTML tag will or won't work for each browser version. 

Best Practices Toolkit - Web Stuff - great links from the Benton Foundation.

Lisa Explains It All - HTML and Web Design info for children and beginning adults.  Basic - a great place to start.

WebMonkey - "the web developer's resource" - an interesting resource site for intermediate to advanced web developers.

The House of Style - offers a beginners tutorial for Cascading Style Sheets.

Server Side Include Documentation - a very useful trick to learn. 

Picassa - a full featured, free image manipulation program.

Paint Shop Pro - an excellent Windows-based paint and image manipulation program. It can read and save a tremendous variety of graphics formats.   Will do almost everything Adobe Photoshop can do - for about $500/less.  A 30 day trial version is available.

Cute FTP - an easy to use Windows-based FTP program for uploading and managing your web site.

Instant Eyedropper - a great little utility that will let you determine the exact RGB value for any color on your screen.

Fetch - a user-friendly Macintosh FTP client.

InterNIC Domain Name Search - check to see if the domain name you want is already taken BEFORE you head off to your ISP - and return to ANOTHER meeting to discuss names again.

GIF Builder - construct animated graphics with the Mac

GIF Construction Set - a simple but powerful Windows program for creating animated graphics and banners. 

Internet Content Rating Association - choose the "Register" button from this page, fill out the forms as accurately as possible, and this site will return a pre-formatted meta tag that you can place in the <head> portion of your HTML that offers a parental rating for your site.  This is important if your visitors are using the security feature that is built into IE 4.0 & above.

ScreenRuler - an essential tool for laying out your web page.

NetMechanic - checker for HTML, links, or server speed.  Useful and easy to use.

Matt's Script Archive - Excellent starting point for those who want to extend the possibilities on their web site to include cgi scripts.  Scripts can add search capabilities, forms, counters, clocks and other functions.

Ulead Photo Explorer - a great program that allows easy review of your graphic files.   Operates like Windows Explorer - except you can actually SEE your graphics files.   Available as a 30 day trial version.

ReSize Browser - a unobtrusive little utility that will automatically resize your browser window to 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 and WebTV.  If you design on a larger monitor this is a much easier way to check your web design for different size windows than changing your property settings.  Currently available for Windows only.

Google Analytics - a free service from Google.  Place a small amount of hidden code on your web pages and this service will return massive data regarding who is visiting your site, when, and how often.

Déjà Vu' - browser emulator - This site emulates older browsers so you can test to see how your site looks to those without access to the latest and greatest versions.

The CGI Resource Index - excellent resource for scripts, rating system included.

Tu Dogs - a great site for both programs and graphics.  Not fancy - but the links are wonderful, well-reviewed, and easy to reach.


Picture Dicer - by Shoestring - Cuts any large .GIF or .JPG file into small pieces AND creates the code for putting them back together in a table.  Useful for loading large files or animating only a small portion of a large picture.

GIF.com - tutorials on image acquisition, image editing, web design, and clip art links. 

GIF Wizard - great resource for reducing the size of your gif's, still and animated.  Formerly free for small quantities, now charges for each use.

GIF Cruncher - similar to GIF Wizard in that it will reduce the size of your graphics. Does JPEGs as well as GIF's.

GIF Construction Set - a simple but powerful Windows program for creating animated graphics and banners.  The state and sponsor banner on WayNet were constructed with this program by Alchemy Mindworks.

Tu Dogs - a great site for both programs and graphics.  Not fancy - but the links are wonderful, well-reviewed, and easy to reach.

Color Palette for the Web - Web safe colors on display.

VisiBone's Webmaster's Color Laboratory - this useful page has a great webmaster’s color wheel with the 216 web-safe colors. You can click on any of the colors to see how they will look next to one another and as lettering. A real time saver!

Laura McCanna's Tips and Tutorials - hints and tutorials for doing specific processes in Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro/Corel.  Tutorials are separated by program for ease of use.

Adobe Photoshop Resources - from DesktopPublishing.com

Adobe Photoshop Resources - from About.com

Fonts.com - lots of fonts to chose from to  spice up your pages - remember to use these as graphics only.  Most visitors won't have them installed on their systems!

The Photoshop Roadmap - tutorials, downloads, book reviews and more.


As several of our members are using Microsoft FrontPage, I have included some web sites that help extend our knowledge of the product.

Microsoft's FrontPage

FrontPage World - links to various FrontPage Resources.

J-BOTS - an add-on package that extends the options of "bots" offered.  Inserts a pre-written script based on the variables you insert.   Purportedly tested with versions 3 and 4 browsers.

Here is a graphic you may download and use as the counter graphic if you want an "invisible" counter.  I've given it a border so you can locate it.  Remember to re-color it if your background is NOT white. Transparent GIF for FrontPage Counter 



Copyright Basics - from the U.S. Copyright Office.  Remember, when you post a web page, you are publishing.

Trends and Statistics - articles on online demographics, geographical statistics, traffic patterns and more.

Low Vision Web-Site Design - basic guidelines for making effective color and legibility choices that work for nearly everyone. 

DNS Stuff - lookups for WhoIs, Abuse, Tracert, Ping and more.

Search Engine Watch - check on how the search engines are doing and hints on how to make your site more accessible.

Search Engine and Directory Submission Tips - this site also offers some useful graphic design tips.

Tips for Getting Your Web Site Listed in Yahoo - no easy answers, but this site addresses the basics.

Microsoft Developer Network - for developers, code, downloads, etc.

Workz.com - this site offers many excellent articles on web site promotion and is a must-read for those thinking about setting up an ecommerce site.  

Robots.txt and Meta Tags - control which folders/files on your site may be indexed by the search engines.

The Web Robots Pages - control web robots and make them work to your advantage. 

Microsoft Junk Email Filter Words - don't include these words or characters in your legitimate e-newsletter.

Good Documents - writing for the web is different - learn the techniques.

Toolbot for Lorem Ipsum - create "gibberish" text to fill out your web pages so you can see how they will look when the copy is complete.

Web Statistics and Trends - find out which browser/operating system/and displays are most popular.

HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide
by Chuck Musciano & Bill Kennedy
Published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

Available at Morrisson-Reeves Library
Buy Today at Amazon
HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide (5th Edition)

HTML & XHTML: The Definitive GuideA thorough reference text with clear, concise answers on the uses of each of the various tags.  Now in the sixth edition, it offers information on cascading style sheets, frames, client pull documents, and javascript.
The Non-Designer's Web Book - An easy guide to creating, designing, and posting your own web site
by Robin William's and John Tollett
Published by Peachpit Press

Available at Morrisson-Reeves Library
Buy Today at Amazon
The Non-Designer's Web Book (3rd Edition)

The Non-Designer's Web BookA great beginner's book for planning and producing a web site.  Includes information on planning, basic design principles, interface and navigation, color, graphic basics, typography,  tips and tricks, testing and uploading your web site, and marketing your page. 

Offered in a very easy to read style with a fun attitude and lots of graphics. 

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