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Birds of Wayne County, Indiana

Backyard birding is an enjoyable hobby that's easy to begin. A feeder in your backyard is likely to attract a rainbow of birds, including Indiana's state bird, the Northern Cardinal, as well as Yellow Goldfinches, Purple Finches, Rosebreasted Grosbeak, Black-capped Chickadees, the grey Tufted Titmouse and many more.

A walk in a rural area may allow you to see Eastern Bluebirds, Red-winged Blackbirds, and a wide variety of woodpeckers.

Soaring Turkey Vultures are beautiful in the distance, and Great Blue Heron can be found on area waterways.

Be alert during spring and fall migration and you may spy an unusual species passing through!

Indiana Birding Information

Backyard Birds of Indiana

Birds of Indiana State Parks & Reservoirs - from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Check List of Indiana Birds - by the Indiana Audubon Society

Indiana Birding News - from American Birding Association

List of Birds Seen in Indiana - by eBird

General Birding Information

All About Birds- by Cornell University

Bird Watching Daily

Birding and Wild Bird Care


Common Birds of Ohio Field Guide

Choosing Birding Optics

Non-Game and Endangered Wildlife - by Indiana DNR

Peterson's Online

Birdwatching Locations

Wayne County

Cardinal Greenway

Cope Environmental Center - nature preserve offering programs, demonstrations, and research.

Hayes Arboretum - "a living museum", offering nature programs, hiking facilities, and nature center. Of special interest is the bird room that allows you to watch birds at numerous feeders from a comfortable, indoor space.  A nice surprise is the well-placed microphone that allows you to hear the birds as well.

Richmond Parks and Recreation Department - Table listing location and facilities.

Whitewater Gorge Park - Trail Guide

Around the State

Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary - Audubon Society Sanctuary located in nearby Connersville, Indiana

Outdoor Recreation - by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Rail Trails in Indiana - site maintained by the DNR

Brookville Lake

Orinthology Center at Eagle Creek Park

Spades Park

Whitewater Memorial State Park

Around the Midwest

Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm - near Dayton, Ohio

Dayton, Ohio Area Birding Sites - by the Dayton Audubon Society

Hueston Woods

Ohio DNR Birding Resources


American Birding Association

Amos Butler Audubon

Dayton, Ohio Audubon Society

Indiana Audubon Society

Indiana Bluebird Society


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Did You Know?

Oliver P. Morton, who served as the 14th Governor of Indiana during the American Civil War, was a Wayne County native. His family home still stands along the National Road on the west side of Centerville.