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Whitewater Gorge Park: Trail and Parking Information

Parking Areas

Numbers refer to points of interest on Map.
All exit numbers are exiting from Interstate 70. All north/south directions enter Richmond via U.S. 27


(Parking on North side of road)
East/West: Take Exit 149A. Go east on Industries Rd.
North/South: Go west on Industries Rd.


East/West:Take Exit 151 onto U.S. 27 S. Go west on Waterfall Rd.
North/South:Go west on Waterfall Rd.


(Parking on East side of road, expected completion in 2003)
East/West: Take Exit 151 onto U.S. 27 south. Go west on Waterfall Rd. Turn south at Sheridan St ("T" intersection).
North/South: Follow instructions for east/west.


(Parking across railroad tracks)
West: Take Exit 151 onto U.S. 27 south. Go west on U.S. 40. Turn north on N 5th St. Go west on North "D" Street (right before stoplight). Turn south on N 3rd St.
East: Take Exit 156A onto U.S. 40 Westbound. Follow instructions for west.
North/South: Follow instructions for west.


West:Take Exit 151 onto U.S. 27 south. Go west on U.S. 40. Turn west onto Main Street. Go south onto S 1st St.
East: Take Exit 156A onto U.S. 40 Westbound. Follow instructions for west.
North/South:Follow instructions for west.


(Parking on East side of road, NOT handicapped accessible - Stairs lead to trail)
West:Take Exit 149A. Follow Williamsburg Pike as it turns into NW 5th Street. Go East on U.S. 40. At first light turn south onto Hub Etchison Parkway. Park on east side of road across from high school.
East:Take Exit 156A. Follow U.S. 40 West through town. After crossing the U.S. 40 bridge turn south onto Hub Etchison Parkway. Park on East side of road across from High School.
North/South:Go West on U.S. 40. Follow instructions for east.


(Parking on North side of road)
East/West:Take Exit 149A. Follow Williamsburg Pike as it turns into NW 5th Street. Go east on U.S. 40. Turn south on SW 2nd St (which turns into Abington Pike at third 4-way stop). At fourth 4-way stop turn east on Test Rd.
North:Turn west on N. "A" Street (U.S. 40). Go south on NW 5th St. Veer west on Liberty Avenue. At 4-way stop go west on Test Rd.
South:Turn west on S "L" St. Go north on S 5th St. Turn west on Liberty Avenue. At 4-way stop turn west on Test Rd.

Points of Interest

(Numbers refer to points of interest on Map)

3.Thistlethwaite Falls

This beautiful waterfall is a prime fossil finding location. Please only look. DO NOT TAKE FOSSILS FROM THE GORGE. To find, follow instructions to parking area 2. The falls are across from the entrance to Springwood Lake Park.

5. Weir Dam

Weir Dam was used to power a flour mill, established in 1864, that later became Richmond Roller Mills. Weir Dam was also to run an electric power plant at one point in Richmond's history.
Driving directions:
North/South:Enter Richmond via U.S. 27. Go west on Sim Hodgin Parkway. Dam will be on east side of road. There is a large parking area.
East/West: Take exit 151 off I-70. Go south on U.S. 27. Follow directions for north/south.

7. Historic Starr-Gennett Area

Of all the activity the gorge supported, the Starr Piano Company was the most significant. The first piano craftsmen arrived in Richmond in 1872 and the Starr Family purchased property in the Whitewater Gorge in 1878. They had over 600 employees who produced over 25 pianos each week. Many Jazz greats made recordings in the Gorge including: Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, with Louis Armstrong, Lil Hardin, and Bix Beiderbecke. To reach this area, follow directions for parking area 8, or walk to the site along the trail.

10/11. Fossil Sites

Learn more about fossils found in the Whitewater Gorge.

12. Test Mill Ruins

The large grassy area on the west side of the trail at the Test Road Trailhead was where the Test Mill used to stand. This mill burned many times over the course of history. After the fire of 1900 it was not rebuilt, but there are lingering remains of the stone foundation. Located next to #13 parking.


Call 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Trail Maintenance

The Adopt-A-Trail Program is a volunteer program created to keep the Whitewater River Valley Gorge Park Trail clean. Participants make a commitment to hold at least four clean ups per year for a period of two years. The program is supported by donations. Though these volunteers do wonderful work, it is up to everybody to keep the trail clean, so we ask each of you to remember to take out what you bring in.

Please report any vandalism or unsafe conditions on the trail by calling 765.983-PARK, or stopping by at the Glen Miller Park Administration Office at 2200 East Main St. We try to keep the trail in excellent condition, and we need your help to do so.

Volunteer Information

We would welcome any donations in time or money to help us improve and maintain the Whitewater River Valley Gorge Park Trail. To become a volunteer, donate money, or if you would like more information about the Whitewater Valley Gorge Park Trail or the Richmond Parks Department, please call 765.983-PARK (7275)or send your name, address, phone number, and questions, comments or donations to:

Richmond Parks and Recreation
Gorge Trail
50 North 5th St
Richmond, IN 47374

Trail Regulations

  1. No unauthorized motor vehicles, including ATV's, snowmobiles, and motorcycles are allowed on the trail.
  2. Do not use more than half the trail to prevent blocking other trail users.
  3. Do not use the trail under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Illegal drugs and alcohol are prohibited on park property.
  4. Keep all pets on a short, secure leash at all times. Do not allow your pet onto private property. Clean up after any messes your pet makes.
  5. DO NOT LITTER! Take out what you bring in, including pet messes and cigarette butts.
  6. No fires are allowed in the Gorge area.
  7. The trail is open from dawn till dusk seven days a week. Use after hours is prohibited.
  8. Obey all signage. Cross traffic is NOT required to stop at street intersections. Please use caution.
  9. Bicyclists, skateboarders, and in-line skaters are strongly encouraged to wear helmets and other safety devices (pads etc.).
  10. Respect all property. Not all property adjacent to the trail is publicly owned. Please respect adjacent property owners. Do not deface or damage the trail or adjacent property.

Trail Etiquette

  1. Be courteous to other trail users. Maintain a safe speed at all times, and be aware that participants of all ages and skill levels will be using the trail.
  2. Keep to the right and pass on the left. Faster traffic must always yield to slower traffic. Be aware of your surroundings before pulling out to pass another user.
  3. Give an audible warning prior to passing. A bell or a voice signal such as "Passing on the left" will give other users significant warning.

Information supplied by the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department, March 2003.


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